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Published by Nick Nwolisa on 09 Jul 2008 at en.iepf-ngo.org. In order to see pictures just visit the web site.

I have not lived all my life in Azerbaijan, but I have lived long enough to be a witness of the Azerbaijan hospitality. One thing the Azerbaijanis are very sure of is that they are one of the most hospitable people in the world. Although this has remained their own judgment of themselves, I will not fail to say how correct they have been to adjudge themselves so.

Azerbaijan is very strategic in its location in that it is bridge between Asia and Europe. Azerbaijan is surrounded by so much Orientals like the Persians, the Turks and the influence of Arabs due to its religion of Islam. The nation Azerbaijan has been able to blend all these Orients from its neighbors to create its own identity. No wonder Azerbaijan offers its own blend of unique cuisines, arts and culture, etc.

Coming into Azerbaijan, with a very minute pre-knowledge of what the society will be like, I had held my own little fears. Fears of what the world has actually installed into all individuals due to divides brought about by religion stereotypes. As a fact, there is always a skepticism that exists in minds of any travelers where his religion is in minority. This is also a true case of a country like Nigeria where religion has unconsciously divided its boundary with Muslims in the North and Christians in the South; even traveling across Nigeria is not always an easy adventure for Nigerians. Therefore I can be very justified to say I had my own little doubts coming into Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan Traditions of Hospitality

Along with other customs each nation had its peculiar ceremonies of hospitality, the rules of having guests and visiting friends. Azerbaijanis since ancient times have had very interesting and instructive customs of hospitality which also fit contemporary life as well.

Classic Azerbaijani literature piece "dastan" titled "Dede-Korkud" said that "let the houses which do not welcome guests collapse".

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This Azerbaijani tradition is one of the most interesting. Novruz is a feast of spring, coming of New Year. Before Novruz Azerbaijanis celebrate a number of previous days saying good bye to the Old year and welcoming the New year. These days are the four pre-holiday Wednesdays: Su Chershenbe (Water Wednesday),Odlu Chershenbe (Fire Wednesday), Torpag Chershenbe (Earth Wednesday) and Akhyr Chershenbe (Last Wednesday). According to the traditional beliefs the water is reborn on the first Wednesday: still waters come to motion; The fire does on the second one, the earth - on the third. On the fourth Wednesday the wind opens tree buds and spring begins.

Many ceremonies and devotions are dedicated to this day. For example in the evening each family should light the number of torches on their house's roof corresponding to the number of the family members. Everyone should jump over the burning fire saying a kind of a spell. After the fire dies out girls and young men collect the remaining ash and pour it somewhere in the outskirts of the village or a road.

It means that the hardships of those who have jumped over the fire are destroyed and thrown out far beyond their homes.

In order to find the happy match unmarried girls throw black coins, a sign of bad luck, to a water-filled jug during the daytime and in the evening before sunset they pour this water out together with the coins outside.

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