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Oriental Arms
Scabbard of dagger,
detail, 20th cent.

     Caucasian arms and armour embody the centuries-long experience and skulls of oriental armourers, enriched, as it is, by long - standing traditions of outstanding craftsmanship.
     Adorned with most varied decorations, artistically and technically superbly accomplished, Caucasian weaponry constitutes a truly unique phenomenon in the history of the material esthetic culture of oriental peoples.
     The most widespread material used for the adornment of weaponry was silver, highly valued by Caucasian silver-smiths.
     Caucasian pistols and guns, despite the simple technology of their manufacture, were of excellent constructional design and high firing power.
     Organized in the seventeenth century, the manufacture of firearms attained high degree of perfection already by the end of the eighteenth, with Caucasian pistols and rifles gaining well-earned fa-me and popularity throughout the Orient.
     Caucasian firearms, too, were sumptuously and lavishly decorated : the barrels were adorned with gold damascening, the gunstocks, straight and narrow, were made of plane-tree an nut-tree wood, were inlaid with bone, silver, or woods of different species.

     The bands, used to secure the barrel and stock together, were often made of solid silver with engraving and nielloing. The inscribed names of the gunsmith and or owner of the weapon, enclosed in dec-orative cartouches, served as an elegant addition to the artistic ornamentation of the piece.

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