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General Information

The Republic of Azerbaijan lies in the borderlands of Asia and Europe. It is situated in the south-eastern part of the Southern Caucasus and shares borders in the north with the Russian Federation, in the south with the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the west with Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, and in the east its neighbors across the Caspian Sea are Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Establishment date - May 28, 1918
Independence Day - October 18, 1991
Territory - 86,600 sq km

Population - 8629.9 people (as of 2008)

Capital - Baku - with a population of 1 811 000 (as of 2007)
Number of administrative units: 1 Autonomous Republic, 65 Districts, 69 Towns, 13 Districts of cities, 130 Settlements, 4354 rural settlements. 
Monetary unit ÔÇô manat (1 US $ = 0.8166 manat; 1 Euro = 1.2713 manat as of June, 2008)
Religion - Islam. There are also Orthodox Russian, Orthodox Georgian, Jewish, Molokan, Catholic, Protestant and other religious communities. 
Since 1988 in the result of military aggression of Armenia about 20% of the Azerbaijani territory is occupied and about 1 million population is refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP).

Source: http://www.azerbaijan.az
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