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Over 60 water reservoirs have been constructed in order to regulate the river flow in Azerbaijan. The formation of these reservoirs is one of the measures that has been undertaken in order to ration the utilization of water and energy resources. The largest water reservoirs (Mingechevr, Shemkir, Araz and Serseng Reservoirs) are designed to be utilized for various purposes, while most other ponds are used exclusively for irrigation.


Azerbaijan has several glaciers within its territory. They mainly span the Bazarduzu (with an area of 3.62 sq.km.), Bazaryurd (1 sq.km), Tufan (0.51 sq.km) and Shahdag (1.08 sq.km) peaks of the Major Caucasus Mountains. One can also come across other areas of eternal ice that can be found at a height of 4,000 meters above sea level.

Source: http://azerbaijan.tourism.az
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