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President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva telephoned Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal on May 15 to congratulate them on the brilliant victory in the 56th Eurovision-2011 song contest held in the German city of Dusseldorf and wished every success to the gifted young people, Azerbaijani President’s press service reported.

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The winners of Eurovision 2011 song contest, Azerbaijani duo Eldar and Nigar returned to Baku this night.

Winners were enthusiastically welcomed at Heydar Aliyev International Airport by thousands of people.

Azerbaijani duet Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal (Ell&Nikki) with the song "Running Scared" took first place in the song contest with 221 points.

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Baku, May 14 (AzerTAc). The US Department of State has announced that all selection results for Diversity Visa Lottery 2012 published worldwide in early May are now void.
"We regret to inform you that, due to a computer programming problem, the results of the 2012 Diversity Lottery that were previously posted on this website have been voided,” the Department said in an announcement.
"They were not valid and were posted in error,” it said.
"The results were not valid because they did not represent a fair, random selection of entrants, as required by U.S. law.
"If you checked this website during the first week in May and found a notice that you had been selected for further processing or a notice that you had not been selected, that notice has been rescinded and is no longer valid.”
The US embassy in Dhaka also issued a statement on Thursday announcing the results "void”.
The results of the new selection process—to be conducted based on the original entries for the 2012 programme, will be available on the website (http://www.dvlottery.state.gov./) on July 15, 2011.
Entries to the lottery remain valid and there is no need for re-applying, the embassy said. The confirmation number to check results also remains valid, it said.
Qualified entries from this time period will be included in the new random selection. Confirmation numbers on the Entry Status will remain valid.
Nearly 15 million people had entered the 2012 lottery hoping to win one of 50,000 US immigrant visas available under a wild-card programme.
The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV) makes available 55,000 diversity visas (DV) annually, drawn randomly from all entries and issued to persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.


URL: http://www.azertag.gov.az/index_en.jsp?id=1856&date=2011-05-14
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Baku, May 13 (AzerTAc). 25 participants of Eurovision-2011 were announced at the second semi-final contest. 

It was found that at the final contest representative of Finland will perform 1st , Bosnia-Herzegovina – 2nd , Denmark – 3rd , Lithuania -4th , Hungary -5th , Ireland -6th , Sweden -7th , Estonia -8th , Greece -9th , Russia -10th, France- 11th, Italy-12th , Island-13th, Great Britain-14th, Moldova-15th, Germany-16th, Romania-17th, Austria-18th , Azerbaijan-19th, Slovenia-20th, Island-21st, Spain-22nd, Ukraine-23rd, Serbia-24th and Georgia 25th.
On May 14, thus, 25 representatives will fight for the first place.


URL: http://www.azertag.gov.az/index_en.jsp?id=1812&date=2011-05-13

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Baku, May 14 (AzerTAc). The culture days of Azerbaijan have been in the spotlight in Kuwait.
The culture days, co-organized by Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters and Azerbaijani embassy in Kuwait City, were highlighted by a number of Kuwaiti newspapers, including Al Qabas, Al Watan, As Seyassah, Al Jareeda, Al Wasat, Annahar, Al Anbaa and Al Sabah. 

The culture days featured a concert by Azerbaijani singers and musicians, exhibition of national clothing and photo exhibition of Azerbaijan`s nature, historic and architectural monuments.
Members of the Azerbaijani delegation visited Kuwait`s state TV channel KTV1 where they were guests at Good morning Kuwait programme. 
Local Al Rai TV channel and several radio stations broadcast Azerbaijani Ambassador Tural Rzayev`s interviews.


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Baku, May 11 (AzerTAc). Azerbaijan`s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO goodwill ambassador, MP Mehriban Aliyeva and First Lady of Latvia Lilita Zatlere visited today the Museum of Modern Art and viewed Pearls of art exhibition here.

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